Do Workout Clothes Affect Your Performance? How Fashion Affects Fitness

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You’ve just gotten a gym membership and are ready to start working out. You’ve brought a pair of baggy shorts with you along with one of your older shirts. After a little while, you start to feel a bit self-conscious so you pack up your things and leave.

It’s all in the clothes. If you wear a holey, old outfit to the gym you won’t be as confident as you would be if you were wearing a nice pair of high-quality leggings. You owe it to yourself to invest in a few pairs of trendy workout clothes.

The right pair of clothes can do more than affect your mental state. Keep reading for a complete list of reasons why you should treat yourself to a new outfit.

1. Choosing Fabrics

The first rule of choosing workout gear is choosing the right fitness fabric. Synthetic fibers are a good choice. They keep sweat away from your skin and keep you cool while you work out.

Synthetic fibers don’t absorb sweat either so you won’t be left feeling as uncomfortable and gross. Cotton is an okay choice in a pinch. It absorbs sweat and becomes heavy but it also hides odors. Whatever fabric you choose, make sure that it’s breathable.

Rubber-based materials won’t wick away sweat which will cause you to overheat after a little while. Breathable materials also make it easier for you to move around and perform.

2. How Does Trendy Workout Clothes Affect Your Performance?

Wearing trendy workout clothes can affect you both mentally and physically to help you perform better. Here are a few ways they do this.

Dressing for Success

You’ve probably heard of the term dress for success, right? It’s the idea that wearing certain outfits will jumpstart your brain and allow you to perform your job better than others.

It’s true for working out as it is for going into work. For one, wearing cute clothes of any kind will give you a confidence booster. For two, dressing in high-quality workout gear will put your mind in that role.

It’s sort of like putting on a costume and going on stage. The workout getup will get you into character, which will motivate you to work that much harder.

Color Psychology

You need to consider color when you’re choosing your workout outfit. Different colors evoke different emotions. For example, if you go for the all-black look it will make you feel more powerful.

Wearing red will make you more aggressive and passionate about what you’re doing. Orange will inspire happiness and enthusiasm and brown will make you feel strong. All of these are great colors to go with for your exercise gear.

Your Performance is in What You Wear

All workout gear is made to suit a certain purpose. Mainly in the realm of shoes. For example, everyday sneakers aren’t going to help you get through a marathon. Well, they might be able to but your feet will be feeling it later.

Powerful running shoes are made to be able to handle the impact of your feet hitting the pavement. They’re also designed to keep your ankles secure so you’re less likely to injure yourself.

When you’re picking out shoes to workout in, make sure they will suit the purpose of the sport or activity you’re taking part in.

Preventing Injuries

You can’t wear shorts and a tank top when you’re doing your morning runs in the winter. You’ll freeze to death or catch a cold one. You’ll need something thick that can keep you warm.

Similarly in the summer, you should be wearing clothes that can wick sweat off your body and keep you from suffering from a heat stroke. Again, the right shoes will keep your ankles and feet from suffering an injury.

3. Can You Look Good in Workout Clothes?

When you look good, you’ll feel good which will motivate you to work out harder.  It’s not too difficult to find clothes that will fit your body type and leave you feeling great.

Always try on your clothes before you leave the store. Sometimes they look amazing on the rack but then when you put them on you realize that there is some stitching that makes you look bulky.

4. How Many Outfits Do You Need?

You’re going to need more than one outfit. Wearing the same outfit more than once can expose your body to harmful bacteria and it’s a pain to wash an outfit after each visit to the gym.

Besides the bacteria problem, gym outfits gather quite the odor even after one use. Going into the gym with this smell following you can make you feel self-conscious and cause you to not get the same effects out of your workout.

5. What Not to Wear to the Gym

A lot of people feel like the best clothes to wear to the gym are their old ones but old clothes have the tendency to hold in smells more than others. This won’t be a pleasant experience for you or the other gym patrons.

Wearing old clothes that barely fit you anymore is also uncomfortable. It makes it hard to move around. So do yourself a favor and pick up a new set of trendy clothes to wear and toss out your old holey shirts.

Can Trendy Exercise Clothes Affect Your Workout?

The answer to this question is yes. Trendy workout clothes can affect your performance in the gym.

Wearing cute clothes can inspire confidence and motivate you to work much harder than you normally would. So, what are you waiting for? Go to the store and treat yourself before heading to the gym.

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