Don’t Call It a Comeback: 9 Classic Sneakers You Need in Your Wardrobe

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In the United States in 2016, men spent $26.2 billion on shoes, and women spent about $30 billion. In the US alone, the revenue in the Footwear market is expected to reach over $92 million in 2021 and it is expected to grow annually by 3.2%.

Shoes can be a great thing to add to your wardrobe, but they can also be something fun to collect.

Whether you’re a collector or just love fresh kicks, these classic sneakers are essential for anyone’s collection. Read on to learn more.

1. Adidas Superstar II

The Adidas Superstar II has been a popular shoe since the 1970s. These shoes have been a staple of the tennis shoe industry.

These popular shoes are marked by white leather and a rubber shell toe, with three stripes on the side.

The Superstar II has all kinds of old school vibes, and they may bring back memories of the past.

2. PF Flyers Center Hi

The PF Flyers are another classic and recognizable to many Sandlot fans.

This shoe sports a 1950s design and is a well-made shoe with a classic retro design.

This shoe has a toe bumper that is breathable for your feet and front laces.

3. Nike Air Max I

The first Nike Air Max was released in 1987, with a Tinker Hatfield-design. This design was inspired by the Centres George Pompidou which was in Pairs.

The shoe has an inside-out design and was one of the revolutionary designs at the time. This shoe was also the inspiration for the Air Max 90, the 95, and 97.  The shoe even paved the way for the VaporMax that came out in 2017.

On top of just looking cool, this shoe is also incredibly comfortable. The design is still catchy enough to attract lots of people’s attention as well.

4. Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Classic

Anyone who is into sneakers knows that the Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Classics are, well, a classic.

This is one of the most well-known sneakers throughout the world. These shoes have a distinct shape and style, and anyone can wear them and match them with any outfit.

These shoes used to be basketball sneakers and were first made in 1917. They were the first mass-produced basketball shoe that was made in North America.

Eventually, the brand started shifting from basketball shoes to fashionable shoes. These shoes are now worn by all kinds of people, including different punk rock bands like the Ramones.

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5. Nike Flyknit Racer

Nike has put a lot of effort and time into designing and researching its Flyknit technology. After a decade of research, they released the Flyknit Racer shoe in 2012.

There was another Flyknit shoe called the Flyknit Chukka that was released in 2013. However, the racer is still the most popular one in the line.

In 2012, Time Magazine actually named it as one of the best inventions in the world, right up there with the Google Glass and Curiosity Rover.

The Flyknit Racer is a great shoe for performance, and the technology behind it is genius. This shoe was a popular shoe during the 2012 Olympics in London, making it a collectible that you need to add to your closet.

6. Nike Air Jordan III

The Air Jordan lines are a popular brand of shoes. The Jordan I is a popular shoe and is definitely one to add to your collection, but the III may be the most popular one.

Michael Jordan wore this shoe during his season in 1988, and after that, it became an iconic shoe. After the first two shoes were released, Jordan almost didn’t resign his contract with Nike.

But then someone else stepped in and actually listened to the feedback that Jordan provided for his third shoe. Jordan described how he wanted the shoe to feel and look, and the company then took his advice and came up with the shoe that we now know as the Jordan III.

This shoe has the popular elephant pattern with the Nike Air bubble.

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7. Vans Old Skool

Vans are also a favorite amidst the sneakerhead community, and these were the original shoes that made their way into the skateboarding community.

These shoes had the popular side stripe and low-top laces.

The shoe was made of suede that was durable, along with canvas on the upper side of the shoe. The tongue of this shoe was also padded.

These shoes are still acceptable to wear even today, and they carry a sort of nostalgia with them that makes them a great staple to collect.

8. New Balance 574

New Balance is also a popular brand when it comes to designing sneakers. 574s are one of their popular shoes.

These shoes are also made of suede and have a mesh upper that creates a unique look.

If you need a shoe that offers a little bit more support for running, this might be the shoe for you.

9. Seavees Hermosa Standard

This shoe was a popular sneaker in the 1960s, especially in Southern California. However, these shoes were brought back in the middle of the 2000s, and now they are more than just a popular skateboarding sneaker.

This shoe has a classic style and feel to it, and is a dark blue colored with textured linen. These vintage wash shoes will go great with any outfit.

Get These Classic Sneakers Today!

These classic sneakers are a must-have for collectors but can also be a great way to change up your wardrobe.

The great thing about these sneakers is that they will go with just about any outfit.

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