Farmhouse Living Room: Warm, Comfy, and Inviting

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A farmhouse living room makes a home. It’s comfy, cozy, and screams “Relax and unwind here”. But, making it happen without looking tacky can be a challenge.

To achieve this look, in a modern sophisticated way, you need a mixture of woods, metals, and fabrics. By combining farmhouse living room furniture, modern farmhouse decor pieces, rustic wall decor, and soft textiles you can have the farmhouse living room of your dreams.

Here we will help you achieve a modern farmhouse living room by providing some vintage farmhouse decorating ideas. We will show you what kinds of furniture you need for the look as well as advice on how to use country farmhouse decor to your advantage.

How to Design A Farmhouse Living Room

Designing the farmhouse living room of your dreams happens in stages. Here’s a list of the stages:

  • Find the furniture for your space
  • Buy accent pieces that compliment the furniture
  • Choose decor that fits with the overall design
  • Maximize the comfort with textiles and pillows

Your focus for this look is going to be oversized and comfortable looking and feeling furniture. Big, comfy sectional sofas, overstuffed arm chairs, warm wooden tables, and oversized vintage storage furniture gives the room that inviting farmhouse feel.

The Furniture: What You Need and Where to Buy Farmhouse Living Room Furniture

Furniture makes a room. It has taken on a whole new level of importance in this era of completely open floorplans. To channel your inner Joanna Gaines and capture chic farmhouse living, the furniture must be right.

Rustic Furniture Builds Out A Room

You’re looking for large and inviting sectional neutral or brown couches, comfy tufted seating, full-length antique buffets that stretch the length of your living room wall. You should be looking for a coffee table that harnesses the warmth of wood and the modernity of metal for your contemporary farmhouse. Pick something that would compliment the exposed wooden beams and barn doors that exemplify rustic farmhouse living.

Farmhouse Comfort

You want to offer gathering spaces and relaxation throughout the space. Creating a beautiful farmhouse styled living room means making a room that draws people in. The entire space should be inviting visitors to take a seat and settle in for a nice cup of tea around the coffee table. While the looks are similar, a farmhouse living room adds the warmth a traditional living room can be missing.

Farmhouse Storage

If you don’t have a ton of space, the furniture can provide storage ideas and solutions as well. Instead of a traditional coffee table, use a tufted ottoman with internal storage. Choose a sofa table or vintage bookcase with closed door storage. When it comes to home design you want to make sure form meets function and makes you comfortable actually living in the space.

Harnessing the Cozy Farmhouse Look: The Key is In the Living Room Decor

Once you’ve chosen the perfect cozy farmhouse furniture your next step is home decor and textiles.

The Right Paint Color

To get the right look you’ll want to pick a great farmhouse style paint color. Stick to neutrals with soft blues and yellows. The color scheme of the farmhouse design is muted but sophisticated.

The Magic Of Textiles: Rugs, Curtains, and Fabrics

Find rugs that are soft on your feet and incorporate a shabby chic feel. Use an accent wall to bring a pop of muted color into the mostly neutral room.

Curtains should be gauzy and make you think of warm summer days in the country. Continue your accent color through your curtains and accent furniture.

Throw Pillows and Blankets

Throw pillows and blankets are key to giving an even bigger impression of softness and comfort. Blue striped pillows or vintage checks are a great addition that brings interest to your design that any interior designer would approve of. Lighting should be practical, use floor lamps over your oversized armchairs to offer cozy reading spaces.

Wall Art and Rustic Home Decor

Think of nature as you choose your wall and rustic home decor. Think deer antlers, worn in globes, clean porcelain bud vases, and lots of flowers and plants.

Use mason jars as containers for other smaller farmhouse flair like vintage buttons. Use wooden apple crates as even more storage ideas for blankets, books, or crafting supplies like yarn.

Enjoy Your New Farmhouse Living Room!

Now that you have a beautiful living room we hope you will incorporate this cozy farmhouse feel into the rest of your home. Consider a farmhouse kitchen or bringing farmhouse chic into your bedroom.

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