Once upon a time, a group of dedicated individuals fell in love with something extraordinary… brunch. With our amazing brunch dates came the love of another, avocado toast.

As this love grew, we noticed others catching on that the silky, buttery texture of nature’s most delectable fruit, paired with the perfect crunch of toasted sourdough, was pure heaven. Suddenly, the speciality we had to order off the menu while sipping our mimosas showed up everywhere.

Not only a delicacy served with morning cocktails at the hip brunch spot downtown but also at… Panera.

If we, part of the original hipster’s movement, could have started indulging in the glory that is a perfect avocado toast years before anyone else knew it was delicious, what else are we clued in on?

We have always thought of ourselves as out-of-the-box thinkers, outrageous and creative dressers, indie music listeners, hipster beard-wearing folks that break the typical mold of what an adult looks like.

We don’t have to adhere to the restraints and societal demands of a 9-5 wardrobe and schedule because we all hold remote jobs. Today’s hipsters are Freelance writers, activists, free spirits upholding and cherishing the spirit of the, now cliched, hipster lifestyle.

hipster lifestyle brunch with cocktails

AvoToasted’s Philosophy

We wear bright colors, vintage clothes, love social media, read the Huffington Post, and listen to Lana Del Rey. The term hipster no longer offends us as we embrace that hipsters tend to wear skinny jeans, buy Apple products, and promote American apparel from Urban Outfitters.

We are ready to poke a bit of fun at ourselves, and our facial hair, and try to bring you the un-hipster into our fold.

We want to share what we love in the world. We want other amazing, out-of-the-box, creative, hipster fashion and revolutionary things to become AvoToasted. To go from the enigma to commonplace.

We want to build a colorful world where individuality reigns and uniqueness is celebrated. Not only for people in New York City who hold liberal arts degrees and discuss Norman Mailer but, for everyone in every city who wants to toot their own horn and join the hipster culture.

hipster lifestyle friends

AvoToasted’s Mission

Here at AvoToasted, our goal is to keep you in the know with the newest hipster lifestyle news, hipster trends, and hipster fashion happenings. We will clue you into what youth cultures are doing and what hipsters wear before they start to cost a fortune at the shop down the block.

We want those who claim to hate hipsters and refuse to follow popular culture, to become one of us. Sip on your single-origin coffee and embrace your inner Nathan Barley. We want you to know that the only way to be a true hipster is to be true to yourself.

Here we hope that you can claim some street cred when you proudly announce that you knew about that way before it got AvoToasted.

We hope on this site you agree, that becoming AvoToasted is avo-mazing. So jump on your fixed-gear bicycle, blast some esoteric tunes in your headsets, and follow us down the path of becoming AvoToasted.

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