Hipster Fashion For Curves

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Hey! You there! Are you a plus-sized hipster?

Being a hipster means you embrace an indie, bohemian lifestyle. You like to push back from the societal norms. Which gives you the creativity to express yourself using fashion and accessories.

It’s amazing to think about how much the plus size fashion industry has grown over the last decade. The hipster look was born out of the aisles of thrift stores. And it’s not easy for big buys and curvy girls to walk into a thrift store and find something that fits.

But in today’s shopping world, we aren’t limited to the local thrift store. Hundreds of websites cater to your size and offer thousands of styles to choose from.

Victoria’s Secret may not be open to plus size models, but that doesn’t mean there’s no place for plus-sized people in fashion. Men and women both can embrace their curvy selves and find a voice in fashion.

Let’s take a closer look at that style in this guide to hipster fashion for curves.

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What is Hipster Clothing? Some Guidelines

Like any fashion trend, a few rules dictate what does and does not fit into the style. But unlike other trends, hipster is all about breaking the rules. So don’t be afraid to deviate from these ideas if you really love something.

As Madonna put it, the whole point of being a hipster is to express yourself! So here are a few loose guidelines to help you express yourself with hipster clothes. These guidelines apply to men and women.

1. Take Your Clothing Distressed

Take your coffee black and your clothing distressed… and black! Seriously though, distressed clothes, jeans, in particular, should be your new best friends.

It doesn’t matter what size your butt, hips, or your belly. Everyone looks good in skinny, ripped-up jeans. And today’s selection is so much more diverse than ever before.

Many clothing companies make skinny jeans for curvy bodies. Choose from different colors and rips. Everything from dark blue and lightly distressed on the hem, to stonewashed with cuts and slices all over the front of the legs.

Make sure your closet has a variety of distressed jeans hanging in it. Different cuts and styles allow you to mix and match your wardrobe for almost any occasion.

But distress isn’t only for jeans. Distressed t-shirts are must-have wardrobe items for any hipster baby. Search the internet for t-shirts with your favorite band, movie quote, or meme on them. Then run them through the wringer!

There are a ton of techniques to distress your own clothes. Bleach them, dye them, rub them with sandpaper, cut them, rip them. The possibilities are endless and it gives you another great way to show off your creative side.

A similar, rugged tee could cost you several hundred dollars if you bought it at a chic boutique. Not to mention the fact that most chic boutiques don’t carry sizes big enough to fit those of us with curves.

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Yes, 90s grunge rockers had a few things going for them. One of those things was plaid.

If you’re ever curious about what color you need or what print to buy, consider plaid as the default print in your wardrobe. Hipster girls fashion and hipster fashion men alike love to sport plaid in every shape, color, and size.

Ladies, stumped for what to wear? Throw on an oversized plaid shirt over ripped jeans as your go-to outfit. Or pair a simple black tank top with a plaid maxi skirt and motorcycle boots. And you’ll never go wrong with a plaid shift dress.

For men, plaid shirts drape well over fitted black pants. Or consider adding a plaid peacoat to your winter wardrobe. And if you’re really adventurous, go for a pair of plaid pants topped with a distressed tee featuring your fave rock band.

And plaid isn’t only for clothes. Boost your collection of accessories with a little plaid sprinkled here and there. Try wearing plaid jewelry for a change.

Dress up your hair with plaid bandanas and other hair accessories. Carry a plaid purse or messenger bag. Oversized plaid scarves are a must-have, especially if you live in colder climates. And add plaid patches to your jeans for a quirky twist.

3. Accessories are Everything

Any Steel Magnolias fans in the house?

“The only thing that separates us from the animals is our ability to accessorize.”

– Clairee Belcher

Really though, accessories are everything. If you want to embody the hipster lifestyle, you need plenty of accessories to go with every outfit.

The most popular accessory for hipsters is a killer pair of sunglasses. As with any fashion trend, you want to make it your own and get a pair that you love. But hipsters tend to stick with a quirky twist on an old favorite.

Ray-Ban Aviators or Classic Wayfarers are a common pick. You could find a cheaper version of these classic glasses to go with your thrifty, hipster clothing. But in the case of sunglasses, you often get what you pay for. And a quality pair of Ray-Bans will last you for years to come.

Big shoulder purses and messenger bags are a favorite amongst hipsters around the world. But a compact, body cross purse can be really handy too. And for men, try a stylish leather backpack to carry around your gear.

Also, don’t forget about your head. A collection of hats is a must for showing off your individual style. Oversized stocking caps look great on both men and women, even when it’s not cold outside. But floppy sun hats and fedoras also make a great addition to your wardrobe.

Your style of jewelry should reflect who you are. Change it up by adding texture with leather bracelets and earrings. Or rough metal cuffs.

And men, don’t think you’re out of the jewelry loop. Leather cuffs, oversized watches, and beaded bracelets make up just a few of your choices.

4. Wear What You LOVE

Ultimately, the rules for what you wear as a plus-size hipster is up to you. Wear what you love!

When it comes to clothes, we always look better when we’re comfortable. And that means your clothes need to fit right and make you feel beautiful.

Purge your closet of clothes that are too small. Anything you think you “might” fit into at some point, needs to hit the road and make room for things you love to wear right now.

In the old days (before online shopping), hipsters got most of their clothes from thrift stores. But today curvy men and women have so many options for where to buy their clothes. Venture out into the world of online shopping and try out some new things that make your heart sing.

Curvy Hipster Fashion Trends for Women

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Now that we’ve gone over some of the basics of hipster fashion, let’s get more gender specific. Here are few of our favorite trends for curvy women.

Prints, Prints, Prints

We already talked about plaid. And yes, plaid is the ultimate hipster print. But broaden your horizon beyond the boxes and lines. Think about prints on a larger scale.

If your closet is full of black and blue and gray, we’re talking to you. Spice it up! Hipster is all about pushing back from the norm. And nothing says “norm” like blue, black, and gray.

We love big, flower prints for our dresses and skirts. Try mixing and matching prints together. Prints don’t need to be all or nothing.

Get playful with your prints. Find fun, printed socks, belts, and scarves to add movement and interest to your outfit. And try out bright, fun colors.

Maxi, Please

Can we get an “amen” for maxi dresses? The maxi dress is your gift from the comfort and beauty gods. It’s no wonder that this piece of clothing spans from bohemian fashion, beach comfort, and plus size hipster fashion.

You can find a maxi in every size, color, and shape under the rainbow. The key is finding the ones that work well with big, curvy bodies. Maxis are a great option to show off what you love about your body.

They are often flowy and super comfortable.  And if you find the right cut, they can make your waist look small and your boobs look great!

hipster fashion for curves plus size hipster fashion 5

First, take a look at the length of the dress. Maxi dresses look great when they’re just grazing the floor, especially flowy dresses. But you don’t want to trip over them. So if your dress is a little long, get it taken in an inch or two.

Next, scope out the shape of the dress. Try on lots of different ones. Notice what features work for you.

If you have big boobs, you’ll want something that covers and supports while not showing a ton of cleavage. With smaller boobs, you can get away with strapless and halter styles. It all depends on what you’re comfortable with.

I Like My Clothes Skinny

Okay, we said the unforgivable word: skinny. But wait! Before you scoff in disgust, let’s clarify. Skinny is okay to say when we’re talking about clothes.

Don’t be afraid to show off your curvy self. Skinny pants and jeans are a big part of a hipster girl’s fashion. Rock your black skinny pants for more formal occasions. Wear your plaid skinny pants when you’re headed to run errands or to your cousin’s graduation.

Buy shirts that are tailored and fitted to your body. It’s time to stop hiding under clothing that’s too big for you.

Ditch the Heels

High heels are great… well, except when you care about the comfort of your feet. It seems that in our society, a woman can’t be sexy without sporting a pair of death-defyingly high heels. But again, this is when hipster culture says to push back and go against the grain.

Ballet flats are an option when you’re trying to dress up an outfit. So are flat, strappy gladiator sandals.

But if you’re looking for the ultimate in sandal comfort, get yourself a pair of Birkenstocks. Birks used to rest solely on the feet of the trendiest hipsters. And they’ve made a massive comeback over the last few years.

Which is great news for your feet! Birks are some of the only sandals that support your arch as you walk. And just like with the sunglasses, you get what you pay for with sandals. So spring for the real Birks to make sure you’re treating your feet to the best sandal around.

And what about those boots? Hipsters take a lot of their fashion sense from motorcycle gear. That includes wearing trendy motorcycle boots with almost everything, from mini skirts to skinny jeans.

Pick out a pair of boots to fit your style and wear them with everything. If you plan to stick with tradition (ala Birkenstocks and Ray-Bans), then you’ll opt for Doc Martens, the traditional boot of the 90s grunge glam crowd. Today’s Docs come in more colors and styles than ever.

Curvy Trends for Mens Hipster Fashion

Hipster men love to mix up their look. They take pride in their clothes and accessories. And they’re never afraid to try something new.

Like with the ladies, there are a ton of options out there for bigger guys who still want to look fashionable. Let’s take a look at some guy-specific hipster trends.

Get Graphic

As we mentioned earlier, wearing distressed t-shirts is a big part of hipster outfits and hipster style. And a big guy rocks a battered, graphic-printed tee better than anyone else. It is a cornerstone of the big tall size clothing sector and big men of all body shapes can find clothes and rock a graphic tee better than most.

hipster fashion for curves plus size hipster fashion 6

Play with colors and patterns in your t-shirt wear. Don’t be afraid to branch out of the blue, black, brown shirts and experiment with more dramatic decals. Try delving into some vintage gear like the Rolling Stones or Led Zeppelin.

Also, remember that prints are your friend. Large men can make a statement for men fashion and style. Try a cool pair of printed pants.

Don’t feel held back by your waist size. Get out there and go into stores. You don’t have to stick with plaid. Go for gold with cool and crazy prints.

Get graphic with your outerwear too. Layer a camo jacket over a printed cardigan to mix and match your prints.

Skinny Works for Men, Too

That’s right! You can wear skinny pants and fitted clothes too, men. In fact, you’ll look and feel better when you embrace your body and show off your assets.

Many plus-size men wear clothes that are too big for them. They overcompensate for their curves by drowning themselves in fabric. It’s time to start shopping in your size, boys!

Fitted t-shirts make for fabulous hipster fashion. Skinny-fit dress shirts create a sharp, put-together look. And a fitted sports coat with the sleeves rolled up adds a touch of class to any outfit.

Lots of Layers

One of the best ways to create your own style is to wear lots of layers. It serves a practical purpose too. It’ll keep you warm and if you get too hot, lose a layer or two!

A classic combo is to layer a fitted, graphic tee under an open-front cardigan. For even more pizzazz, add a denim jacket on top of the ensemble. Pop your collar and you’re good to go with an outfit that’s totally you and totally customizable.

Hipster Fashion for All

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Seriously, anyone can do hipster fashion. It’s all about creating a style that’s unique to you. It often involves fusing current trends with the indie lifestyle that hipsters love. And it’s about pushing back from the normal, boring dress standards and daring to be different.

The great part about shopping for plus-size hipster clothing today, is that you have a ton of options available to you on the internet. Use your fashion sense to create your own distressed clothing. It’ll save you a bundle and nobody will know the difference.

Wear bold prints and lots of plaids. Accessories are your friend. Whether you’re a guy or girl, accessorize your looks using unique items like bold scarves and leather jewelry.

But it’s most important to remember to wear what you love. Shop to fit your curvy body. Just because Victoria’s Secret doesn’t want curvy gals in their show, doesn’t mean you should settle for anything less than love when it comes to your wardrobe and style.

And who cares about Victoria’s Secret anyway?

Want to learn more about how to get your life #AvoToasted and be even cooler? Check out our post on the farmhouse living room here for some hipster decor tips for your home. Love what we are sharing? Please leave your email address below to never miss a post.

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