The 6 Benefits of Garden Mulch in the Vegetable Garden

benefits of garden mulch

Your vegetable garden is your passion and the benefits of garden mulch for your happy place are numerous. It’s the place you go in the spring when you need to feel connected to the earth beneath your feet.

You love to dig your hands in the dirt and breathe in the fresh air. It’s peaceful and helps you to decompress. The rest of the world goes away while you glory in helping things grow. Best of all, you’re going to reap what you sow when all of your favorite fresh vegetables are on your table.

As you dive into your gardening project for this season, consider the benefits of garden mulch to boost your green thumb.

Why Use Garden Mulch?

Garden mulch is a plus if you want to make your life easier when you’re getting down in the dirt. It offers you a long list of benefits that will cut down on the work you must do. With a little help from your mulch, you’ll feel like Mary Mary Quite Contrary as you sit back and watch your garden grow.

What are the Benefits of Garden Mulch?

Ask avid gardeners and landscapers. They’ll tell you about the many benefits of using mulch, whether you are gardening or you are sprucing up your property. A good mulch will:

  • Keep your seeds from getting too hot or drying out
  • Hold the insects at bay
  • Retain water
  • Keep the growth of mold and fungi under control
  • Cut back on weeds
  • Keep the birds from stealing your seeds

In addition to setting the stage for optimal growth for your vegetable garden, you’ll notice that mulch adds a polished appearance to your garden. It makes your soil look rich, adds color, and makes everything look neat.

Do-It-Yourself Mulch

When you’re ready to take your vegetable garden to the next level with mulch, you can choose to go all-natural with do-it-yourself alternatives. Hay, the grass clippings from your lawn, leaves leftover from the fall, and pine needles can create organic mulch. You can also use a wood chipper on bark or wood that you have on your property. If you don’t want to make your own mulch, plenty of commercial options will do the trick.

Finding Mulch You Can Count On

You can take a trip to your local home improvement store or use the convenience of online shopping when you are hunting for mulch. Cocoa shells from Blommer, natural cedar chips from Wood Smith USA, a variety of products from Miracle-Gro, MulchWorx, and Charlie’s Compost are only a few of the top picks that will keep your garden in tiptop shape. Research your options to compare effectiveness, cost, and appearance. In the end, you’ll want a mulch that looks attractive while it gets the job done.

When Should You Put Down Your Mulch?

The ideal time to add a layer of mulch to your garden is in the spring after you plant your seeds or seedlings. You can also add mulch in the summer if you are planting later. You’ll find that it will be much easier to keep your garden from being overrun by weeds. You’ll spare yourself hours on your needs pulling out those pesky invaders. Add more mulch in the fall as your growing season is winding down. You’ll find that the weeds won’t make as much of a comeback the following spring.

Mulch Will be Worth Your Time, Effort, and Investment

If you choose to buy your mulch, it will be worth every penny. You’ll take much more pleasure in your garden when you are not working so hard to maintain it. As an added plus, there is a good chance that your garden will produce a larger number of healthy vegetables. It’s all tied into your garden mulch and its ability to hold off disease, weeds, and produce optimal conditions for your plants. If it’s a dry season, your mulch will hold in more moisture for your plants. When the temperatures soar, your seeds will have more protection. It’s soothing to look out and see a true work of art in your yard.

Be patient.

The time you put into your garden and choice of mulch will pay off. As the fruits of your labor ripen, you’ll savor the flavor with every meal. There’s a good chance you’ll have plenty to spare for friends and family as you share your wealth.

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