R.Vivimos Women Summer Long Sleeve Cardigan Sexy Maxi Long Dresses

Product Description

You want to feel confident and sexy when you go out, but it’s too hot for a traditional dress.

It can be tough to find the right outfit for summer events. You want something that will keep you cool but look stylish.

R.Vivimos Women’s Summer Long Sleeve Cardigan Sexy Maxi Dresses is the perfect solution. This flowy maxi dress features long flared sleeves, a v neckline, and a wrap tie closure.

The beautiful printed boho dress is suitable for beach travel, vacation, clubbing, or any other summer event.

You can wrap the dress in a number of ways, but I found that using an elastic band and sticking it through one hole worked best for me.

Before ordering, please refer to the product description to ensure accurate size information.

You might want to order your size up if you’re worried about being able to close or tie without any holes on either side where this wrapping will go so as not leave anything open-ended when doing finishing touches like tying off strings at certain points along their length (or possibly even putting snap closure).