The Guide To Boho Style Home Decor

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Are you an authentic bohemian? Well, have you:

  • Bought a glass lamp at a thrift store because it was the perfect shade of chartreuse
  • Begged your parents to give you their 30-year-old green velvet sofa because it reminded you of your childhood
  • Repurposed a burlap sack into a beautiful wall hanging and proudly displayed it over your dining room table

Do any of these things ring a bell? If so, then you’re in the right place! Keep reading for our guide to boho-style home decor.

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Layer on the Charm

The modern bohemian lifestyle is all about the unconventional. It has its roots in the gipsy community. They lived nomadic lifestyles and collected art and furniture wherever they went. And they never got rid of anything beautiful or useful.

You don’t need to have your home decorated by an interior designer to get that style. Add beauty and interest to your home decor by layering on the charm like a world traveler (even if you aren’t).

Spice up the look of a plain, old couch by layering it with tons of colorful throw pillows. And if that couch has seen better days (i.e. it has rips or worn fabric) add layers of cozy blankets on top of it. They’ll make the couch cozier, cuter, and cover up those imperfections!

Don’t let your side table or coffee table sit empty. Pile them with books, vases, and plenty of picture frames. Cover your floors with rugs in different colors and patterns. Choose focal points, like prints and paintings, that give the room an earthy, well-travelled vibe.

And never let the rest of the walls sit blank. Like your tabletops, your walls should be covered in all kinds of interesting art. Add shelving to the walls for extra storage and a great knick-knack display area.

boho style home decor reading nook

Know Your Patterns, Know Your Textures

Patterns and textures are your friends. If you take nothing else away from this article, we hope it’s this little tidbit.

But really, it’s time to throw out the old tried-and-true rules about colors and patterns. Like when you learned that you should never pair brown with black. Or never mix patterns. Or no, you can’t use burlap as part of the decor in your dining room.

Use a variety of patterns to highlight different areas of your living room. The easiest way to do this is to pick one or two common colors. Stick to patterns that have those colors in them.

Carry that color scheme throughout the room by choosing different patterns for your sofa, rugs, and window coverings. Beautiful patterns bring color and life to the area while giving the eye something interesting to look at.

The same goes for textures. Buy or make different textured throw pillows for your bed. Most people don’t have throw pillows made of leather, denim, silk, beads, and velvet, do they? Divert from the norm for something cool and interesting.

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Brand New? Yes and No

The whole idea of boho-style home decor is to give your home an eclectic feel. So you may be wondering … should you buy brand new? That’s actually up to you.

Your furniture and accessories should look like they have a story to tell. That doesn’t mean you have to buy worn-out or broken things. But it never hurts to shop in the thrift shop occasionally.

Don’t avoid an end table with chipped paint or cracked glass. You can always repair things if you like the design. Or you can paint it a fun color that goes with your color scheme.

Create a free-spirited vibe by choosing a loveseat with some fraying along the edge. It gives the loveseat character. And allows you to come up with a cool story about it (even if you have no idea where it came from other than Goodwill).

Check into family heirlooms. You never know what goodies your family might have lying around. And then you’ll have a real story to tell people who visit your home!

But if you’re not a fan of rummage sales and thrift stores, have no worries. There are a ton of stores that offer brand new items that cater to this decor trend. And most of the time, you can make the most interesting finds while shopping online.

Just avoid buying inexpensive stuff that looks new and cheap. If you plan to buy new, invest in high-quality items. Buying quality items means they’ll last you longer. And one of the cornerstone principles of boho style is to invest in decor that you’ll keep for a long time.

boho style home decor outdoor space

Let In the Light

You want your bohemian decor to bring a sense of calm to anyone who ventures into your home. Harsh, fluorescent lighting won’t work. Natural light is the best. But there are times (night, obv) when natural light just doesn’t cut it.

Avoid overhead lights if you can. But if you must use an overhead light, opt for a chandelier instead of one, bright fixture. Chandeliers break up the light with smaller, less powerful bulbs.

Get creative with your chandelier by finding a tarnished or worn old one. Bring new life to it with a creative paint technique or good polishing. Use the elements of charm and style we’ve discussed here to pick the right one for your room.

Invest in lots of lamps. Find lamps in different shapes and styles. Use lamps made from different materials, like wood, metal, and glass, for some unique textures. And never forget that you can add string lights to almost any room to create a soft, ambient glow.

Try different colored lights too. You don’t have to go crazy with bold colors if you don’t want to. Shop online for LED lights that give off an antique glow instead of a stark, white light.

boho style home decor inspired rug

Get Your Boho Style Home Decor Now!

There are a ton of places to find boho-style home decor. You just have to look a little deeper!

Amazon is a great resource for getting new and used items. Local thrift stores like Goodwill and Savers often have a home decor section. And it never hurts to check out Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace to find a good deal on furniture and accessories.

If you’d like to spend a little more money, try a local antique store. They usually have higher quality stuff than thrift stores. And hit up all the neighborhood garage sales when that time of year rolls around.

The point is, keep your eyes open. You never know when you might find something that works perfectly for your bohemian style!

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